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How to Lease Equipment

How to Lease Equipment

Make Business Equipment Leasing Work for You

Leasing is a great way for you to get the business equipment you need faster and with lower upfront costs than buying. Find out more about what equipment leasing is, how it works, and what to expect if you decide you want to apply for a lease.

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By |August 23, 2022|Equipment Leasing|

Finance Your Private Sale Equipment Purchases

Get Quick and Easy Private Sale Financing with Lease-to-Own

A lot of people don’t know that you can get a lease to pay for private sale equipment. Leasing isn’t just for when you buy from a dealership.

Lease-to-own is great for private sales if you want to spend less up front and close the deal without the hassle of a loan. Find out how quick and easy it can be!

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By |June 27, 2022|Equipment Leasing|

Top 5 Reasons to Lease Your Next Air Seeder

An empty field waiting for crops.

Need an Air Seeder this Spring? Keep these Points in Mind

Leasing is a great option if you want to lower your upfront equipment purchasing costs. With equipment leasing, you are able to spread out your payments on a schedule that works for you plus saves you money on taxes.

With an equipment lease, you can expect:

  1. Lower upfront costs
  2. An air seeder that pays for itself
  3. Payment plan that matches your growing season
  4. Better tax deductions than a loan
  5. Easy upgrades to different equipment

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By |March 25, 2022|Equipment Leasing|

Equipment Leasing Solutions to Supply Chain Costs

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Three Ways to Deal with Today’s Higher Cost of Equipment

It’s no secret that the supply chain crisis is driving up the costs of doing business and making it harder to find the heavy equipment that you need.

Competition for used equipment was already fierce at the end of last year, when it was reported that earthmover, truck, tractor, and other equipment prices were at least 25% higher than in late 2020. Then November’s flooding and mudslides cut the rail lines and highways in BC, slowing down the flow of new parts and equipment coming into Canada through the port of Vancouver.

So what can you do about it? Get creative with a leasing strategy that keeps you making money despite supply chain disruption!

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By |February 14, 2022|Equipment Leasing|

How a Small Construction Company Can Compete with the Big Dogs

A kitten frightens a big dog.

Focus on Service, Flexibility, and Dedication

Construction is a competitive industry, so you need to find what sets you apart and make the most of it. Build strong customer relationships, be flexible enough to make the most of your opportunities, and be dedicated enough to do the tough stuff.

Personal Service Builds Strong Relationships

Offering good customer service is crucial. Without it, you won’t be able to get repeat customers. That means you’ll lose out on the regular income they could bring.

And there’s another good reason you need satisfied customers: their word-of-mouth advertising can win you new customers without you spending a cent.

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By |January 20, 2022|Business Advice|

Make Sale and Leaseback Financing Work for You

Make Sale and Leaseback Financing Work for You

Get Equity from Your Equipment to Grow Your Business

Did you know there’s a way to sell your equipment and without losing it? Yes, you get cash from the sale and keep using the equipment.

That’s called sale and leaseback financing.

It might be a good option for you if:

  • You need financing quick to seize an opportunity
  • You don’t want to increase your company’s debt
  • You own your equipment

What is Sale and Leaseback?

Sale and leaseback – leaseback for short – is a way to turn the equity in your assets into cash. The way it works is that you sell the equipment to a leasing company and then lease it back right away. You still have the equipment and you can keep using it like before. It’s your best option if you want to have your cake and eat it too.

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By |December 14, 2021|Equipment Leasing|

Buying and Selling Equipment Safely Online

Buying and Selling Equipment Safely Online

Save Money, Time, and Heartache by Detecting Scams & Fraud

Online scams can be costly and damaging to your business, so it pays to take some steps to protect yourself.

Make Sure Everything Passes the Smell Test

Avoid shopping on websites that just don’t seem right. Maybe the content isn’t well written, or the design is shoddy, or the links and buttons don’t work. Whatever it is, a bad website is a clue that the company doesn’t value it’s customers and might not be entirely above board.

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By |November 26, 2021|Business Advice|
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