How to Sell Heavy Equipment the Quick and Easy Way

How to sell heavy equipment the quick and easy way.

Partner with a Leasing Company

If you’re a small dealer or private seller without a finance department, how can you speed up your sales and make more money on each deal? Join forces with a leasing company!

Keep reading to find out how working with a leasing agency can get better results for you and your buyers.

Sell Your Heavy Equipment Fast

It really slows down the sale if your buyer struggles to get financing. Close the deal quicker with leasing. Your customers can easily apply for great rates and get approval in as little as ten minutes.

Lease financing is flexible enough to cover all the costs of the sale, including shipping, taxes, inspection and so on. Fewer obstacles, faster sales.

Since the leasing company arranges the financing, you don’t have to count on buyers to find it on their own. It’s easier for you and your buyer, so everyone wins.

Get the Best Price When You Sell

Price is the number one thing that turns buyers away. You know how much your equipment is worth, but how do you get the best price for it?

Break the price down into monthly lease payments. That helps the buyer see how it fits into their monthly operating costs. It will be easier for them to see how the equipment will pay for itself. When you team up with a good leasing company, you can get the monthly payment breakdown and give it to the buyer up front.

This is the best of both worlds for you and the buyer. The buyer pays in installments they can afford. With lease-to-buy, they own the equipment at the end of the lease. You get 100% of the sale price from the leasing company when the sale goes through.

Earn Commissions on Your Sales

On top of that, many leasing companies offer a commission on all completed leases. Team up with Thomcat, and you could get as much as $499 for each successful referral.

no fees + higher sale price + commission = maximum profit for you

Less Paperwork, Less Stress

You can get all this with just a few clicks and some simple forms. The leasing company handles all the financing and legalities. It’s like having your own financing office without any of the hassle that comes with managing it!

Get Started with Your Free Virtual Finance Department

Ready to sell your heavy equipment the quick and easy way? Sign up for Thomcat’s Equipment Reseller Toolkit!

How Does it Work?

Once you’ve signed up, the sales process is simple:

  1. Give your customer a 5-minute lease application
  2. Send Thomcat Leasing the sales invoice
  3. Get paid 100% of the sale price

The best part is you’ll never pay any fees for this service!

Team up with Thomcat

By Published On: May 24, 2022Categories: Equipment Vendors