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8 Benefits to Leasing Construction Equipment

8 Benefits of Construction Equipment Leasing

How Leasing Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

Construction equipment can include anything from a high-end excavator to the manual tools in your toolkit. No matter what you need to get the job done, all the various construction equipment can get difficult to afford.

The catch is, of course, in order to get the contracts you need the tools. In order to buy the tools, you need the contracts!

There’s a way to break this cycle and thus grow your business. It’s called equipment leasing. Equipment leasing let’s you get the equipment you need to land more contracts, earn more, and get the job done… Without taking massive financial risks.

Here’s 8 key benefits to leasing your construction equipment:

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7 Tips to Expertly Sell Your Heavy Equipment Online

7 Tips for Selling Heavy Equipment Online

How to Sell Your Equipment Quick

Trying to sell your equipment can end up costing you, but it doesn’t have to. The longer it takes to sell your equipment, the longer you may have to pay for storage, not to mention the long hours spent advertising and negotiating with potential buyers. The faster you can sell your equipment, the less you lose along the way.

As a result, people have been increasingly turning to online methods to yield faster results. By using the internet, you instantly have access to large pools of buyers. But beware, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Here are 7 tips to navigate through the online selling process to close deals fast:

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6 Latest Technological Advances in Farming

6 Latest Technological Advances in Farming

Staying Competitive in the Agricultural Industry

Technology in agriculture has made huge strides in the last two decades. Many Canadian farmers who embrace technological advances are able to manage more land on their own. This is possible mostly through advances in equipment that continues to progress.

Now, one farmer is able to cultivate massive areas of land where many were needed in decades past. As a result, to grow your farm and business, you’ll want to keep up with the latest equipment.

Here are 6 major technological advances in the agricultural sector of which you should take note:

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What is an Equipment Lease Broker?

What is an Equipment Lease Broker?

Why Work with a Leasing Broker?

An equipment lease broker works as a mediator between the customer, manufacturers and retailers, and lenders. They work hard to get the best price and the best lending terms for a business owner looking to obtain equipment.

Ultimately, lease brokers work for you – the consumer – to save you time and money. They do this by developing relationships with manufacturers, banks, and other lenders. It is their job to be aware of market trends and to provide valuable support and advice to you.

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4 Used Equipment Buying Tips That Could Save You Thousands

4 Used Equipment Buying Tips That Could Save You Thousands

What You Need to Know When Shopping for Heavy Equipment

You’ve probably already figured out that when it comes to shopping for used equipment, the process can be a bit overwhelming. It’s worth the effort though because you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

The key is to know what you’re looking for and where to look for it. Here are 4 equipment buying tips to help make buying used easy:

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Business Owners Get Equipment Leasing [VIDEO]

New Thomcat Leasing Video is Live!

Paying for your business equipment is hard.

Banks don’t help with their ridiculous policies and mountains of paperwork.

Getting the equipment your business needs to function and grow shouldn’t be that hard. Thomcat Leasing makes securing your equipment safe and easy.

Check out this video about equipment leasing and it’s benefits:

See for yourself how affordable equipment leasing is to your business. Get a 60 second lease estimate today!

Get 60 Second Lease Estimate Now!

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