Finance Your Private Sale Equipment Purchases

Get Quick and Easy Private Sale Financing with Lease-to-Own

A lot of people don’t know that you can get a lease to pay for private sale equipment. Leasing isn’t just for when you buy from a dealership.

Lease-to-own is great for private sales if you want to spend less up front and close the deal without the hassle of a loan. Find out how quick and easy it can be!

What is a Private Sale?

In a private sale, you buy from a person who owns the equipment instead of a dealer. You can find lots of private sellers on sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, Equipment Trader, or Facebook Marketplace. You might also find equipment for sale by the owner through your professional network.

Private sales can be a great way to find what you want at a good price. Just make sure everything checks out before you make a deal.

Stay Safe When You Buy from Private Sellers

Buying from private sellers can be riskier than buying from dealers since you don’t necessarily know the sellers reputation. Minimize the risk with a few common-sense steps.

  1. Make sure the seller really owns the equipment. Ask to see the original invoice or bill of sale.
  2. Ask the seller if there are any liens or loans on the equipment.
  3. Check for yourself that there are no liens on the equipment. You can search PPSA for Canada or state UCC sites for the US.

How to Get Lease Financing for Private Sales

You found just the right equipment – now how do you pay for it? Lease-to-own financing is a quick and affordable way to buy equipment in private sales.

Expect faster approvals, more flexible payments, and less paperwork than a loan from the bank.

You Will Need

All you need to apply is a description and estimated cost of the equipment you want plus a few details about yourself and your business.

No Down Payments or Collateral

Lease financing often doesn’t require a down payment. Instead the whole cost gets broken down and spread out into monthly payments.

You can buy your equipment today, put it to work, and let it pay for itself. Choose a lease-to-own option and the equipment is yours at the end of the lease.

In most cases the equipment you buy is the only collateral you need. It’s that simple.

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