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The Hidden Costs of Cheap Equipment

Buy Smarter by Calculating Equipment Operating Costs

We all like a good deal and, as business owners, we all need to watch the bottom line. It’s tempting to look at the equipment’s price first and its specs/maintenance records/user rating second – if at all. But this can be a costly mistake.

The real cost of a piece of equipment can only be calculated once you include the actual operating costs. The dent in your cashflow when you purchase is only the first of many costs associated with owning heavy equipment. Labour, maintenance, efficiency and downtime are all business costs too. If you get a “deal” on a cheap machine, but it is less efficient to run, breaks down more often and requires more expensive parts, is it really saving your business money?

Low prices do not always mean a better deal.

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Canadian Equipment Lease Tax Benefits

Two Leasing-specific Deductions That Deliver Valuable Tax Savings for Your Business

Leasing your business equipment in Canada safeguards your capital, cuts red tape, allows for quick and easy upgrades — and offers significant savings at tax time.

Leases and loans are treated very differently by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Two of the most significant differences are found in monthly payment deductions and how you claim Input Tax Credits. Some businesses will benefit from larger, short term tax rebates and some will benefit more from smaller rebates over a longer period of time. Either way, leasing can help bring down your tax bill.

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How to Take Charge of Your Cash Flow

Essential Tips to Controlling and Keeping Your Cash Where You Need It

Cash flow management is critical to your business’s survival. Cash is king and nowhere is that more apparent than in the day-to-day finances of a business.

Poor cash flow planning can leave you short — struggling to pay employees or cover operating expenses. You may have plenty of business coming in, but it won’t help if you need funds now. Good cash flow management means you plan ahead and minimize those gaps.

Simply put, cash flow management is postponing capital expenditures as long as possible while encouraging anyone who owes you money to pay as quickly as possible. The first step to taking charge of your cash flow is evaluation.

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Equipment Lease or Equipment Loan?

Compare the Two Most Popular Equipment Financing Options

Equipment leases and loans are a great way for businesses to grow strategically without tying up their cash flow or limiting their future flexibility. It’s rare that a business can drop the cash necessary for a large equipment purchase. Cash flow runs business, and it’s all about leveraging it to your profit.

That’s where financing comes in. Leases and loans allow you to break up that lump sum into manageable pieces – and let you to earn money with the equipment while paying it off.

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Equipment Leasing 101

What to Expect From the Equipment Leasing Process – Start to Finish

Looking to purchase new or used equipment for your business? Wondering if leasing is right for you? Interested, but not sure what the process looks like? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the lease process and get you on the road to making an informed decision.

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Small Operators Can Make Big Bucks: 5 Keys to Success

Move Your Business to the Next Level and Increase Your Revenue Stream with a Strategic Plan

Feel like your business has hit a glass ceiling? Sure, you’re paying the bills, but maybe you are looking for a little more. If growing your business and profits is the goal, you need to plan strategically. Business growth rarely happens by accident and sustained growth never does.

Greater profits are within your reach. But it won’t happen without a plan and diligent follow through. Obviously, the details look different for every business, but the following are bedrock concepts and strategies at the heart of any successful business growth plan.

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Winning Strategies for Online Equipment Auctions

Use these insider tips to bid smart, avoid costly mistakes and seal the deal

Everybody is looking for a good deal on a great piece of equipment. Online auctions can be a smart way to find what you need for the price you want, but they come with their own unique challenges. You are bidding against other potential buyers who may push the price higher than you want to go.

Unlike buying from a store, or even the classifieds, auctions are dynamic sales where prices are flexible and changing constantly. This can be intimidating, yet with a strategic approach you can use this fluidity to your advantage. It takes a disciplined, well-thought-out bidding strategy to win. How can you maximize your buying potential and minimize risk? Read on…

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6 Reasons to Lease Your Trailer

Leasing Your Next Trailer Purchase Makes Dollars and Sense

What does your business need to move forward? A flatbed trailer for daily hauling or a refrigerated trailer once a month? A single step deck or a whole fleet of dry vans? Though trailers are one of the most common pieces of equipment, some aren’t cheap.

Before you wade through miles of red tape or clean out your working capital to make that purchase, you owe it to your business to look into leasing. This financing method offers many benefits:

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The Secret to Hassle-Free Financing

What you need (and don’t need) to get the equipment lease of your dreams

Your business is ready to grow, but you require new equipment assets to get there. You may have even found the exact equipment needed. Financing is the next step, but not the one you’re looking forward to.

We’ve all been there.

The good news? Financing doesn’t have to be a huge headache. Yes, bank loans take time, paperwork and hassle, but equipment leasing is almost unbelievably straight forward. In this article we go over what you will need, and what you can forget about, when securing a good rate on an equipment lease.

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The 8 Key Elements of a Successful Business Growth Plan

Straightforward Steps to Help You Minimize Risk and Maximize Growth

Congratulations! You’ve successfully launched a small business, built a client base and are bringing in a profit. Your hard work has paid off and your business is ready for the next step.

Growing your business is exciting and rewarding, but not without risk. Time and resources are precious – and odds are your plate is already pretty full. It can be hard to know where to start and how to best use your resources.

That’s where a good business growth plan can help. Entrepreneurs and business advisors commonly recommend these 8 elements as the backbone of a successful growth plan.

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