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Effective Online Selling Techniques for Used Equipment

Craft Compelling Listings for Your Equipment for Sale

Online marketplaces have become a crucial platform for buying and selling used equipment. Small businesses in Canada are increasingly turning to online classified platforms to find the right equipment at affordable prices. This trend in consumer behavior presents a lucrative opportunity for equipment sellers, and adopting effective techniques can significantly enhance your success in this competitive market.

Some of the popular online classified platforms include:

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The Secret to Fast, Hassle-Free, Used Truck and Equipment Sales

The Secret to Fast, Hassle-Free, Used Truck and Equipment Sales

How to Compete Effectively with the Big Dealerships, Avoid Sticker Shock and Move Your Used Equipment

You want to sell your used equipment with a minimum of hassle. Your buyer wants a deal with a minimum of hassle.

So how do you both get what you want?

It’s not really a secret.

You don’t need to be a big equipment dealer to offer financing on your sales. With simple third party financing tools, you can make your used equipment more affordable to potential buyers, complete the sale quicker, and get the best price for it.

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Tips for Selling Your Equipment Online

Tips for Selling Your Equipment Online

How to Make Your Classified Ad Attractive and Get Top Dollar for Your Used Equipment

Selling your business’s surplus equipment is a great way to cash in on the value of your assets. If your business is growing, selling your used equipment can help finance new ventures.

We live in an increasingly online world and the business of buying and selling is moving online with it.

Pick your online platform like Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, Autotrader, Supply Post, etc… Hint: Facebook Marketplace has been working really great for us lately. Once you decide on a platform (or two) the next step is creating a convincing ad. The following tips will help you fine-tune your ad and make your equipment stand out from the competition.

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You Can Increase Equipment Sales by Reframing the Price Tag

You Can Increase Equipment Sales by Reframing the Price Tag

How to Prevent Sticker Shock, Help Your Customers Afford What They Need, and Look Good Doing It

You’ve got what they need. They know it, you know it.

All that is standing in the way of a successful sale is one number – that piece of equipment’s price tag. Equipment is a big-ticket item and the numbers involved can send a potential buyer running for the door.

The key to increasing sales lies in reframing the price tag with monthly payment plans. Breaking down that sticker price into manageable chunks helps your buyer reframe the equipment cost in a way that fits their budget – and thought-process. Few small operators can lay down the $40,000 needed to purchase a mini excavator upfront. But, $800 a month for 5 years? That is a possibility. That number that fits the world of monthly operating costs.

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How Equipment Leasing Helps You Sell More

How Equipment Leasing Helps You Sell More

3 Big Reasons Dealers Need to Offer Leasing to their Customers

Leasing comes in handy for equipment dealers looking to sell more equipment. Buyer’s love having the option to break equipment costs into smaller and more manageable payments.

Of course, as a dealer you aren’t in the business of lending. You might think that providing financing to your customers will mean mountains of paperwork, payment delays, a steep learning curve, and legal ramifications. All of this couldn’t be further from the truth when you partner with an equipment leasing company like Thomcat Leasing. That’s because your financing partner will take care of all that for you.

Here are the 3 big reasons you need to offer leasing to your customers:

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How to Create an Effective Kijiji Ad for Heavy Equipment

How to Create an Effective Kijiji Ad for Heavy Equipment

Tips for Placing the Perfect Sales Ad on Kijiji

One of the best places to sell your heavy equipment is through an online classified service. Kijiji is one of the major ones in Canada. It connects millions of people in hundreds of communities who are looking to buy or sell equipment.

Here are 9 tips for constructing the perfect Kijiji advertisement to sell your heavy equipment online quickly.

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How Used Equipment Dealerships Can Earn More

How Equipment Dealerships Can Earn More

Why You Should Offer Customers a Leasing Option

Purchasing heavy equipment can be quite expensive for buyers. Many of your customers run small businesses and are trying to compete with large companies in the industry. Help your customers get what they need, without breaking their bank account (or yours).

You can get rid of the sticker shock – without lowering your fair prices!


By partnering with an equipment leasing company like Thomcat Leasing.

Here are the ways leasing can help you and your customers:

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7 Tips to Expertly Sell Your Heavy Equipment Online

7 Tips for Selling Heavy Equipment Online

How to Sell Your Equipment Quick

Trying to sell your equipment can end up costing you, but it doesn’t have to. The longer it takes to sell your equipment, the longer you may have to pay for storage, not to mention the long hours spent advertising and negotiating with potential buyers. The faster you can sell your equipment, the less you lose along the way.

As a result, people have been increasingly turning to online methods to yield faster results. By using the internet, you instantly have access to large pools of buyers. But beware, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Here are 7 tips to navigate through the online selling process to close deals fast:

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The Secret to Increasing Your Heavy Equipment Sales

How to Create Win-Win Situations Between Buyers and Sellers

Signing an Equipment Lease ContractLet’s face it. Heavy equipment is expensive. It’s tough for the small businesses out there, the backbone of our economy, to afford enough equipment to compete with the bigger guys. Even the most seasoned contractor may start feeling a little lightheaded when they see the sticker prices and for the uninitiated… Well it can push their blood pressure beyond the “healthy” range.

Thankfully, it is a simple matter to put quality equipment into your buyers hands and increase your sales at the same time. All you have to do is partner with an equipment leasing company and post the low monthly payments loud and proud. This will instantly make things more affordable and let buyers know there is hope on any budget.

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