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You might be wondering what kind of company we really are. Do we actually care about you or do we just care about making a buck? Here’s what we have to say about that…

You will get a fast turn-around. Your lease application is important and will be dealt with in a timely manner. Often, we can process your application within 5 – 30 minutes. Larger value items can take a bit longer and are often completed within 8 working hours. That means you can start putting your equipment to work sooner – rather than later.

You will get personal attention. We know what it’s like to launch a business, make ends meet, and to work hard for a living. When you deal with Thomcat Leasing you’re not dealing with a big faceless corporation. You’ll get personalized and individual attention specific to your unique needs. Your lease gets approved based on your real life circumstances – not some check boxes on a piece of paper.

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You will get service that goes the “extra mile.” Go ahead. Find your equipment anywhere in North America because we’ll take care of freight and customs brokering. Also, for your protection, Thomcat Leasing will always perform a lien check on your equipment (this helps ensure you are getting a legitimate deal). Yes, we’ll take care of all the details so you can stay focused on your business success.

You will get a knowledgeable representative. In our 25 years of experience we’ve learned a lot about equipment. We know what it’s used for and why you need it. Thus, giving us a unique position to understand your equipment purchase. Your representative will approve leases that other leasing companies simply can’t.

You will get the best lease for you. Not every equipment lease is created equal. Often, our competitors will gouge you with high rates, overcharge, or hide fees. Not here. You’ll get your best available rate period. Plus we clearly show your terms and payment amount. Not too mention our flexible payment structures that complement the cash-flow seasons of your business.

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