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5 Advantages to Leasing Heavy Equipment

5 Advantages to Leasing Heavy Equipment

Why You Should Really Consider Equipment Leasing for Your Business

Are you wondering where you’ll get the cash to buy the heavy equipment your business needs?

There’s a simple, and advantageous, solution to your heavy equipment needs in Canada. You might want to consider equipment leasing. Just check out some of the various advantages that come from leasing your heavy equipment.

No huge wad of cash required.

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Why Equipment Price Doesn’t Really Matter

Why Equipment Price Doesn't Matter Title Image - Excavator with Rock Breaker Attachment

Buy the Best Equipment Based on its Efficiency

Heavy machinery prices continue to rise despite some rough economic times in Canada. It’s enough to make us all go deal seeking for the cheapest option that will just (barely) get the job done.

The thing is… A cheap piece of equipment is a cheap piece of equipment. An old adage says “you get what you pay for.”

Consider the long term operating costs of owning the best equipment. An efficient, low maintenance machine, will quickly add up to huge savings in the long run. You’ll quickly realize that getting the best heavy equipment for your business IS the most affordable option.

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Equipment Lease vs. Equipment Loan

Equipment Lease Vs. Loan

Picking the Best Financing Model for Your Equipment Purchases

It’s pretty rare these days that a business has the free-standing cash to purchase all the equipment it needs. Prices of equipment continue to soar. Besides, it’s not always advantageous for you to tie up all your business cash into equipment.

Most people are turning to financing to get their equipment. It makes perfect sense! You’ll be earning revenue off of the equipment while you pay it off. Not too mention breaking a large sum into smaller manageable payments.

Should you get an equipment lease or an equipment loan? Do you turn to a lease broker? Or do you talk to your bank for a loan?

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5 Tips to Building Your Business Credit

Get Approved for the Equipment Lease You Need

Arm Wrestling with CreditorGetting the right commercial trucks or heavy equipment is paramount for your business to function and grow.

An excellent equipment financing program can get you exactly what you need without having to break your bank account. One of the things you must consider when looking for equipment leasing is your business credit. Is it impressive or tattered?

Here are 5 tips to help you build your business credit:

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The Secret to Increasing Your Heavy Equipment Sales

How to Create Win-Win Situations Between Buyers and Sellers

Signing an Equipment Lease ContractLet’s face it. Heavy equipment is expensive. It’s tough for the small businesses out there, the backbone of our economy, to afford enough equipment to compete with the bigger guys. Even the most seasoned contractor may start feeling a little lightheaded when they see the sticker prices and for the uninitiated… Well it can push their blood pressure beyond the “healthy” range.

Thankfully, it is a simple matter to put quality equipment into your buyers hands and increase your sales at the same time. All you have to do is partner with an equipment leasing company and post the low monthly payments loud and proud. This will instantly make things more affordable and let buyers know there is hope on any budget.

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Friday Fun – Heavy Machinery Dating

How to Impress a Girl on Your First Date

We all know that Canadians can have a great sense of humour. The CBC program “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” put together a comical sketch to give you a few ideas on impressing your significant other in your life.

Give it a watch!

Of course, if you need equipment to win contracts, earn more, and get the job done – apply for affordable lease to own financing with Thomcat Leasing today!

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Choosing Your End of Lease Option

Tailoring an Equipment Lease to Your Unique Business

komatsu-excavatorsGetting the right heavy equipment or commercial trucks is essential for your business. A Canadian equipment lease can help you acquire what you need quickly without breaking your bank account. Before you get started by signing on the dotted line, have you considered how the lease will end? There are many end of lease options, and which one you want depends a lot on your unique business circumstances and plans.

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Building a Multi-Million Dollar Construction Company through Equipment Leasing (and Hard Work!)

Chris Shares His Story of How Economic Downturn Turned Him Into a Successful Entrepreneur

37We have been asking our customers to submit stories on how they came to be business owners and the trials they have faced. In this blog series, we are sharing these stories so that others looking to jump into the world of small business have some information before making the leap. Each of the customers taking part in this series is happy to impart the wisdom they have gained in hopes that other new business owners will be able to use it to their benefit.

This story comes from Chris, who decided to start a construction business and was helped greatly by the power of equipment leasing.

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