The Secret to Fast, Hassle-Free, Used Truck and Equipment Sales

The Secret to Fast, Hassle-Free, Used Truck and Equipment Sales

How to Compete Effectively with the Big Dealerships, Avoid Sticker Shock and Move Your Used Equipment

You want to sell your used equipment with a minimum of hassle. Your buyer wants a deal with a minimum of hassle.

So how do you both get what you want?

It’s not really a secret.

You don’t need to be a big equipment dealer to offer financing on your sales. With simple third party financing tools, you can make your used equipment more affordable to potential buyers, complete the sale quicker, and get the best price for it.

Financing Streamlines Sales

Private sellers and small businesses have been hampered in the past by the fact that any potential buyer has to shop with their financing already in place. That means your sale is dependent on your buyer’s forethought and time management. This can be a frustrating experience.

Offering on-the-spot financing speeds up the process and secures your sale. A good financing program, like Thomcat Leasing’s Vendor Program, will handle the paperwork and payout at no cost to you (the seller).

Financing Changes How Potential Buyers View the Cost

Equipment dealerships figured out a long time ago that buyers like monthly payments—and don’t like huge lump sums. Ever wonder why you see the monthly payment amount everywhere on a sales lot? That’s not an oversight. It’s a strategic move by the dealership. Cost framing in monthly payments helps prospective buyers fit the purchase into the familiar numbers of their monthly budget—making them far more likely to buy.

Private sellers can benefit from the same strategy by partnering with Thomcat Leasing. Commercial trucks and heavy equipment are not small expenses. Even used they represent a significant investment and your buyers will be looking for a deal.

Interested in offering financing on your used equipment?

Offering financing on used equipment sales is not only possible for private sellers and small businesses, it’s simple and free. Your buyer gets the financing they need, you get paid-in-full without hassle. It’s a win, win.

In fact, you can earn commissions on completed leases through Thomcat Leasing’s Vendor Program.

It’s simple to use. We take care of the legal and financial part. You get paid in full for your sold equipment.

Thomcat Leasing has your back with friendly, Canadian, customer service. Register for the Vendor Toolkit easily online and sell your used equipment hassle-free!

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By Published On: June 25, 2021Categories: Equipment Vendors