How to Close More Sales with Equipment Leasing

3 Reasons You Will Sell More Equipment

Close more sales with Equipment Leasing

Heavy equipment vendors who quote lease options during potential sales transactions will not only enable customers to take advantage of manageable monthly payments but also remove the focus on unmanageable monthly payments. Consequently, your customers will see equipment leasing as a way to help them remain within budget while continuing to deliver their top quality service with integrity.

Here’s 3 great reasons you will start selling more equipment when you offer a flexible leasing plan…

1. Minimize Your Customer’s Sticker Shock

It becomes less problematic when you offer equipment leasing options featuring lower monthly payments. Purchasing costly pieces of equipment can make even the most experienced buyers suffer sticker shock. A price tag of a few hundred dollars a month is a lot easier to manage than tens of thousands all at once. With a good lease broker, you could even offer attractive seasonal payment plans as well. Do some research on your competition to find out what kind of payment options they are offering. Then work with your lease broker to develop more attractive options than the competition.

2. Boost Your Customers Buying Power

By making your equipment more affordable to your buyer, you’ve boosted their buying power. This means customers will be more inclined to purchase larger, more costly equipment. Feature addons and accessories become a lot easier to sell. You might also make the point to your customers that leasing helps conserve working capital – just in case they need it for something else.

3. Equipment Leasing Encourages Repeat Sales

Generally, customers who pay cash for heavy equipment will use that equipment until it falls apart in mid-operation or needs repairs that cost more than the value of the machine. Alternately, customers who discover the benefits of leasing–low monthly payments, easy upgrades to machinery and the ability to provide superior service with new equipment–may be more likely to return to you sooner rather than later. By maintaining a positive long-term relationship with your customers, they’ll recommend you to other heavy equipment companies seeking your dealership.

You can further sweeten the offer by providing flexible payment schedules to match seasonal income fluctuations. Once customers experience the value of your heavy equipment and the benefits of equipment leasing, they’ll have no reason not to return to continue doing business with your company–and you’ll have no reason not to enjoy the profits garnered by steadily increasing sales.

By Published On: December 4, 2014Categories: Business Advice, Equipment Vendors