Business Owners Get Equipment Leasing [VIDEO]

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Paying for your business equipment is hard.

Banks don’t help with their ridiculous policies and mountains of paperwork.

Getting the equipment your business needs to function and grow shouldn’t be that hard. Thomcat Leasing makes securing your equipment safe and easy.

Check out this video about equipment leasing and it’s benefits:

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Video Transcript

Here is a full video transcript:

Who is this smart, good looking, business owner? That’s you!

And as a smart, good looking, business owner you know it’s important to get the right affordable equipment for your business to function and grow.

This is you finding that equipment. Right on!

Except, it’s hard to afford. That sucks.

So you think “I’ll get a loan.”

You could go to the big bank. Fill out a few forms… Check a few boxes… And submit to CRA level auditing.

That’s way too much stress only to land yourself in debt.

Getting new or used equipment for your business shouldn’t be that hard. It shouldn’t cost you your good looks.

Cheer up! There’s a better way: Thomcat Leasing.

Thomcat Leasing specializes in getting you lease to own financing on new or used equipment. Not too mention great rates and affordable payments.

The process is easy. Fill out a simple 5 minute application form. It’s online so you can apply anytime, anywhere.

Payments will match your business cash-flow and earn tax write-offs. Keeping more cash for yourself.

Plus, Thomcat Leasing helps with shipping, lien checks, and even inspections.

You might even find yourself becoming human again.

Start your stress-free experience today. Lease to own your new or used equipment with Thomcat Leasing.

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By Published On: January 24, 2017Categories: Business Advice, News